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"Once Upon a Time,
In The Jungle..."

For us, Concrete Jungle was a labor of cynical joy.  It was a series about bad guys and worse guys, a warped and demented view of life in Brooklyn New York among politicians and cops.  I was dizzy with glee writing it, and artist James Fry who lived in Brooklyn and is the son of a NY cop) delivered the goods in spades.  We were convinced Concrete Jungle would be a milestone in our career: our ticket out of obscurity and onto the A-List of sought-after talent.

Then we were cancelled before we even got started.  Which, actually, is the story of my life.  This should be engraved on my tombstone.

The series opened with eight splash pages, much to the horror of much of Acclaim's editorial staff.  The splash pages and accompanying essays were highly effective in setting the stage for Jungle, though, and once the book was completed, many of these doubters applauded our decision to open in this dramatic way.  I've included that opening sequence here, as well as some other excerpts from the only existing issue of what would have been a very cool series.

CONCRETE JUNGLE created by Christopher J. Priest and James Fry  Copyright 20032 Acclaim Comics.All Rights Reserved.